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2009-01-09 16:02:56 by momboom1

Alright, let me start this off by saying thanks for listening to all my songs and giving me suggestions. Good or bad suggestions, it makes me feel loved :P. ANYWAYS, you can check out my myspace Here
where you'll get other updates on my new music and listen to songs before i put them on here. Thanks again, and ADD ME!!!


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2009-03-01 22:59:07

Hey man, I love your music EPIC! :D

momboom1 responds:

Thanks :D:D


2009-03-28 18:48:01

heyy bro i love you tunes they sweeeet


2009-04-23 10:57:31

When I said it sounded a little off on Out of Reach, i meant that at one point the beat seemed to mess up for a second. Not really significant compared to the rest of the song, though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Nice music :D